Cheat Program: Edit Your Inventory with Invedit and INVGrid

03 Apr

These cheats allow you to edit your Minecraft inventory. This means you can spawn any item, including those taken out of the game by Notch. The first program I am going to be talking about is INVedit. These are compatible with all versions of Minecraft, including 1.4

    Here’s a list of features:
    Loads blocks from the enclosed files (items.txt and the .pngs).
    Groups for faster access of individual blocks.
    Search box lets you filter items.
    If possible, displays item damage as bar.
    Stacks items almost like in the game itself.
    Tabs for editing multiple inventories simultaneously.
    Moving items from one tab to another is possible.
    Quick load and save.
    Automatic updating.

Although this mod is extremely user friendly, here is a quick tutorial:

    1. Download INVedit and open it.
    2. Open the world you want to edit using the open tool.
    3. Drag the items you want from the left column into your inventory on the right.
    4. Edit the quantity and push the save button.
    5. Log into your world and enjoy!

Note: You must be out of the world in order to edit it.

The second cheat program that I’m going to be talking about is essentially the same thing except it is compatible with Mac OS X/Linux.

Usage Instructions:

    Start InvGrid and go to File, and the Open World.
    Select a row on the table on the left and start editing. You can change the items type, count, and damage on the right.
    When you’re done, go to file, and then save.
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