Backpacks (portable chests) for Minecraft 1.7.3 Mods

23 Jul
v.1.2 for Minecraft 1.7.3

The Portable crafting table mod was here for long, and many people liked it. So I decided to make something similar yet completely different: PORTABLE CHEST!

How to craft backpack

  • The crafting recipe is the same as for chest, but with leather instead of planks.
  • Place red, green, blue or yellow dye in the middle to get coloured backpack.
  • You should not use SHIFT for crafting backpacks. It will mess up the backpack numbers.
  • You can craft as many backpacks as you wish, each one will have an unique number.

How to use backpack

  • Right click with a backpack in your hand to open it’s inventory.
  • Use backpacks as chests, it is almost the same.
  • They will be saved when you save the game.
  • If you want to change the “Backpack 1” to some meaningful name, you can.
    Just edit the .minecraft / mods / YourWorld / backpack_names.cfg
  • It is not allowed to store backpacks in other backpacks.
  • If you do so, all these stored backpacks will try hard to get back into your inventory when you save the game.
  • They may even replace some small stacks (<10) of dirt, sand, cobblestone, gravel, saplings and sticks in your inventory if there are no free slots.
  • However, if the stored backpacks won’t manage to get back to you, they will stay where you stored them.
  • If you store a backpack in itself, it may disappear.

How to install the mod

  • Backup your minecraft.jar.
  • Download & install modloader
  • Run the game to see if it works.
  • Backup your minecraft.jar again.
  • Copy all files from the downloaded zip into minecraft.jar.
    Use WinRAR or something similar.
  • Enjoy!

Technical details of this mod

  • You can change IDs using the property file
  • The backpack inventory is not physically part of the backpack, because items can’t have inventory. All the backpack inventories are stored deep in the bedrock, at [X:0, Y:1, Z:1000000], in a modified bedrock blocks. These blocks behave exactly the same as ordinary bedrock, so you have no chance to find them.
  • If you loose your favourite backpack, you can still restore it using inventory editor. You just have to set the new backpack’s damage value to the number you remember from the backpack’s inventory screen.
  • This is a singleplayer mod. In multiplayer, you won’t be able to drag the backpack from the crafting.

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